Point and click to shoot out small parts of your player bubble, but don't let dark bubbles fall below you in this minimalistic top-down shooter. To fill in the holes you make, hit lighter colored power up bubbles with your ammo. Enjoy!

UPDATE 1.1 - Changelog:

- Falling bubbles now get a tiny bit faster every time you gain another thousand points.

- Improved the bubble bouncing combo mechanic.

- Added a three-sentence intro to quickly explain how to play the game.

- Slightly decreased the intensity of the score animation.

- Plenty of bug fixes!

This is a fun, simple game made in 72 hours for Mini Jam 84: Bubbles, in which the player, a bubble, shoots little bubbles out of itself as ammo. When I was brainstorming how to incorporate the limitation, the best thing that I came up with was having to launch chunks of yourself into the world, and I think the mechanic works nicely with a top-down shooter type game.  As for the style, I decided to go for a minimalistic look and feel to the game since I knew that I wouldn't have enough time to draw all the art I needed (considering how terrible I am at pixel art), and I really wanted to avoid using any online image assets during the competition. I actually did end up spending a couple hours on the graphics though, since I wanted to find a nice color palette to make the game look more polished. Overall, I think the game turned out pretty well, even though it took an hour and a half more than it should've thanks to some unforeseen issues with compression formats. As far as my personal feelings about my first game jam, I can honestly say that I've thoroughly enjoyed the experience in the past three days, and I've also learned a ton about Unity! If you've actually read down this far, then kudos to you, and enjoy playing "pop.".

- Sound effects from ZapSplat

- Music from Epidemic Sound

Updated 11 days ago
Published 18 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Endless, High Score, Minimalist, Mouse only, My First Game Jam, Point & Click, Relaxing, Top down shooter, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


Pop-Game-Windows-1.1.zip 30 MB
Pop-Game-MacOS-1.1.zip 39 MB
Pop-Game-Linux-1.1.zip 44 MB
Pop-Game-1.0 (All Platforms).zip 114 MB

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